Purchasing a Car with Low Credit


For buyers with a low credit score, getting credit pre-approval can make a big difference. When you finance with Metro West Motorcars, we can make this easy for you. Our dealership can back up our bold claims and get you the best possible rate. We take care of the hard work to find you the best possible lender.

Our sales team has some of the best connections of any dealership in the country. We have relationships with some of the top credit lenders in the country. That means we can compare options to find you the best loan. Starting the process is easy. Just apply for credit pre-approval on our website.


To find the best financing possible, communication is key. Without a personalized approach, a dealership can not fully provide for its customers. Unfortunately, too many dealerships are only focused on sales. At Metro West Motorcars, we see the value in forming long-lasting relationships. Discover the difference a personalized sales approach makes.

Feel free to open a dialogue with our sales representatives. We are interested in getting a full picture of your financial situation. Everybody is unique and we know you are more than the number on your credit report. When applying for financing, you can make us aware of any circumstances that may be affecting your credit.


We will work with buyers of all credit levels. Still, a good credit score will always make exotic car financing easier. The reality is better credit has many benefits. If you want to improve your credit before you buy, there are a few steps you can take.

Check your credit score regularly to see how it changes each month. First, take care of any unresolved issues like outstanding payments and debts. Moving forward, continue to complete payments on time and in full whenever possible. If you stay on top of your finances, your credit score may improve quicker than you thought possible.


We review all finance applications quickly which helps our customers finance vehicles by giving our time, knowledge and resources to support our clients interested in financing a vehicle. Our finance department has strong relationships with local financial institutions and is committed to finding you the perfect company to suit your car finance needs. We use local banks and credit unions in our community and use their knowledge of the area to make loan decisions.  We primarily serve customers in Boylston, Edgemere, Marlborough, Northborough, and other local areas, but help with our customers out of state to finance their vehicles as well. The insights of our lenders into local market conditions can lead to the approval of your future automotive loan while benefiting your community. With our local lenders helping our customers is helping us grow the local economy and provides loans to our car buyers. Fill out our easy to navigate finance application for quick approval.

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